if you dont like otters i dont like you


Beautiful Graphic Art Made With Rolls of Packing Tape by Mark Khaisman




when you’re younger, being smart and being able to pass classes easily without studying is not a good thing

because then when you hit a point where you do have to study for classes, you have no idea how to study

And then you end up sitting staring at your book for 2 hours thinking to yourself: Maybe if I sleep on it some sort of book osmosis will occur and I’ll absorb the information from my book into my mind

And then you cry.

olenna: omg omg it's you!!!! I can't believe this
brienne: ....
olenna: brienne of tarth in the flesh omg this is the happiest day of my life you're so so amazing I'm like your number one fan did I mention how fantastic you were??? I wrote fanfic about you beating loras up its like an 50k fic you should check it out omg I still can't believe its you [fangirls infinitely]


The Matrix Reloaded (2003)